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thinking and working

Everything in our world bonds to everything, forming a system of many systems. We humans, as biological systems, are only existent and conceivable in relationships with others and with our environment. Most questions and problems in our time are highly complex, have many actors and are linked to past events and decisions. Therefore, solutions using linear thought patterns are about to frequent failure. 

Counsellors are always part of the whole system. Through his actions, he can stimulate the client system to change processes. Since he can never overlook all processes running in the system and judge their effects, he is dependent on observing them as holistically as possible and acting in small steps. Thus he can adjust his strategy, if necessary. Helpful behaviours in counselling are targeting the stimulation of the client system. In the counselling sessions, change is brought about by putting facts into new contexts and encouraging clients to look at the situation from new perspectives.


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