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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching, as I practice it, is a proven and effective consulting process. It strengthens high-performing executives in their effect on the development and success of their company.

In analogy to Goethe’s definition of a string quartet, executive coaching is for me

a conversation between two sensible people.

They are equally knowledgeable, equally competent and experienced. Their interaction in reflection and proflection creates added value for the company and the company.

Executive coaching is aimed at managers who have already proven their leadership skills. However, from time to time, each of us needs supervision and support in clarifying open questions. Executive coaching provides this support through objective, trustworthy observation and advice, as well as through personal proximity.

Successful executive coaches have a dialogue with their customers. They work with you to find solutions that appear to be suitable for the current situation. Since we live in a complex world, there are often no easy answers. The value of coaching then lies in supporting coachees in making decisions even in situations of “not knowing”.
Regionally I can be found in Volxheim / Bad Kreuznach.


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