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 Keep up with change

 Life is inextricably linked to change, change and development. Heraklit’s statement “everything flows” is known (ancient Greek: panta rhei, πάντα ῥεῖßt). Change, change and development are therefore also my daily companions in work. In my discussions as a systemic consultant with companies and executives, with couples and individuals, change is always an issue.

 As much as change, change and development are characteristics of living, biological systems, and they are so much slowed down and limited by their persistence. Biological systems use energy to maintain their internal and external balance (homeostasis). They vigorously resist change and change. However, if a system loses contact with its environment, it dies. So the ability to change must overcome the tendency to defend the status quo to stay connected and survive.

 Since the beginning of the last century, the change rate in our world has dramatically accelerated. We can only follow with effort. Shaping change in a complex, rapidly changing world has become the core task of our age. Engaging with it is our job.

 The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.

Peter Drucker

 Gaining the lead by change

 Leading in times of high instability is different from leading in times of stability. Classic manorial virtues lose their effect in the course of change

 The most successful managers are increasingly no longer those with the most assertiveness, but those who can flexibly change their inner attitude as long as they can still influence the outcome.

 When dealing with complex tasks and when dealing with unfamiliar terrain, it is crucial to understand one’s attitudes, feelings and needs as well as to assess their impact on others. Experiencing one’s position increasingly becomes a core competence in the management of employees in our increasingly complex world. Through experiential learning, it is easier to master conflicts or unpredictable situations with intuition and alert serenity.

To gain the future

means letting go of yesterday. I have to take today seriously and boldly try the possible.

To discover possibilities, I succeed in bringing all my experiences, everything I’ve ever learned, and the substance of all the crises I’ve experienced into a conversation.

We have a brain whose strength is to discover patterns. Patterns in a world that is going crazy and chaotic. They create viable visions of the future.

Conversation facilitates the effort you experience as you leave the familiar and open to the new and uncertain.

To accompany you in these discussions is my challenge.

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