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To shape developments in a world that changes in flow.

Friendliness and appreciation towards all contributors and trust in their competence and commitment.

Curiosity for still unknown interrelation and feasible developments.

Perseverance in the search for insight and viability and trust in the ingenuity of the many.

Respect and care for the tried and tested and for experience.

To rejoyce the breakthrough.

You have to love your fellow humans to qualify as a leader!


Listening is the foundation of life; you learn and become more prosperous.

Claudio Abbado


Joy at the joy and suffering with the suffering of others are the best leaders of men.

Albert Einstein


Thoughts often want – like children and dogs – to be taken for a walk outdoors.

Christian Morgenstern

my impulsion
who I am

Since I work with people,
is the supportive conversation my passion.
Eberhard Bohrisch, clinical psychologist,
family & couple therapist,
systemic coach.

what I want to prompt
what I can contribute

I want people to feel better after I had the privilege to work with
them, to be more successful, more content and happier. I want to
get things into
I support teams to booster their collective imagination and their ability to make better use of cooperation. Conflicts should change into developments, and errors are learning opportunities.
My strengths are persistence, empathy and delight in complex systems.